Adam Dowell was born and raised in Jackson Wyoming. Growing up he played all sports but loved the independence of skating and snowboarding and that’s where he felt his passion. After about 15 years pursuing it as a profession he decided to step away and focus his efforts on his family, work, and starting Carving The Future. Today he’s married with two young boys he hopes to raise as little rippers! You can read more about Adam and starting CTF on the website “ABOUT” section.

Adam Dowell   

Darren Moffett
Board Chair

Darren is a dedicated and visionary leader. With a wealth of experience and a strong passion for our mission, he guides our organization to make a lasting impact in our community. His vision and unwavering dedication will help propel Carving the Future to new heights, expanding our reach and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve and help.

Originally from SoCal and growing up in the Surf, Skate and Snowboarding lifestyle it was a natural fit for him to get involved with Carving the Future. His career spans 25+ years of being involved in large scale events with the likes of X Games, Dew Tour, Nitro Circus and Red Bull being some of his clients. He embraces the active lifestyle that Jackson provides and is passionate about snowboarding and all things winter! He has two teenage sons that are active and growing like weeds and enjoys supporting them in their endeavors.

Lynn Neil
Executive Director

Lynn is a Jackson Hole native and fell in love with snowboarding at the age of 10. Her path led her to Utah to pursue college and snowboarding. After nearly 2 decades of living in Northern Utah, Lynn's path brought her back home. While she was away, she started the Weber State University Snowboard Club in Ogden and eventually created The Wasatch Project (a ski and snowboard team) with her husband and coach. After competing in numerous disciplines throughout her snowboarding career, it was time to settle down and have a family. Lynn and her husband Dustin welcomed their baby boy, Kiran in 2017. Unfortunately, cancer took her husband in 2018 and 3 years later, her father passed away, leaving his home for sale. The decision to move back to Jackson was hard as she had fallen in love with Utah, but nothing compared to home. In 2022, Lynn and her son moved back to Jackson and found the position with Carving The Future. She is excited to be back home and is looking forward to sharing her passion with the youth we work with. 

Jer Rameriz
Program Director

Originally from Colorado Jer grew up skateboarding but didn't start snowboarding until he was almost 30. Working with Carving the Future enables him to give kids from Wyoming the chance to get into skating and snowboarding who may not have the privilege. Now he can't imagine a life without board sports and can be found at the skatepark many summer days and snowboarding as much as possible come winter. He hopes to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to try skating and snowboarding as he was gifted his first snowboard just a few years ago.

Katie Beech

Katie has been in Jackson a little over 12 years. She firmly believes it takes a village to raise and empower our youth. The snowboarding and skateboarding village has done so much for her and her family, she loves doing her part in giving back.

Kendall Smithmen
Board Member

Kendall is originally from Austin, Texas. She moved to Jackson in 2000. She loves going for hikes, spending time on the river and taking in the endless views. She has 4 amazing kids that have all found joy, self confidence and purpose in snowboarding and skateboarding. Not all kids are built for team sports and her kids found their passion and freedom in board sports. There are a lot of kids out there that can find that too if they just get the opportunity. She loves Jackson’s community that has helped nurture and foster her kids abilities. She believes CTF is the key to improving the futures of so many kids in our region, and is honored to be a part of it!

Jamie Evans
Grant Writer

Jamie Evans, a veteran youth advocate, has worked in numerous academic capacities, (e.g., special education, behavior specialist, administrator, board member, grant writer, coach, private piano instructor). She received her B.S. in Child Development and Family Consumer Studies, from the University of Utah, and completed undergraduate coursework in special education and music from Westminster College. She is passionate in advocating for underrepresented youth, communal health, music and the mental and emotional wellness of generations to come. Jamie is determined to be part of the solution.