Carving the Future is a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 83-2841516) that empowers youth through access to snowboarding and skateboarding. We provide gear, programs, lessons, and athletic scholarships for underserved youth. Our goal is to promote physical, mental, and social confidence for each beneficiary as we alleviate the mental health crisis in Wyoming through board sports.

Wyoming has the highest suicide rate in the USA. Our winters are challenging, and snowboarding is expensive. Yet, being in the mountains is an integral part of our community. Many children are stuck inside during our long winters simply because they do not have access to a positive outlet. We believe that every child should be able to foster a deeper connection to themselves, to their community and develop an appreciation for the mountains that will last a lifetime. 

We offer seasonal programs for all levels in Teton County, and are working hard to support Native American communities through outreach. In addition, we aim to build a bridge for athletes, mostly of color, to compete on a competitive team, represent Wyoming on a national level, and possibly join a world stage. While our kids are bettering their board skills, they’re gaining the knowledge and independence that leads to lifelong learning and success. After this season, CTF will have helped over 600 children who would otherwise not have access to these sports. In turn, we strive to foster inclusive environments where all can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. We are devoted to making sure no child is stuck inside, and every child has the opportunity to get out and carve their own future.


The founder of Carving the Future, Adam Dowell, knows all too well how a little help can go a long way. He was the youngest child of 4 kids in Teton County, and his parents felt the financial challenges that come with growing kids playing a multitude of sports.

When Adam was in 4th grade, an older gentleman came into his mom’s barbershop. This man was a traveler who frequented the Tetons every year, and made sure to always get his hair cut from Adam’s mom, Terrie. The man found himself looking around at all of the family photos in the shop. He asked, “Do all of your children snowboard?” Terrie replied, “No, all except my son, Adam. We just can’t afford more gear right now.” Without hesitation, the man took out his checkbook and wrote Terrie a check for $500, and said: “Here, go buy your son a snowboard.”

Little did this man know that this would change the entire course of Adam’s life. By the time Adam reached 9th grade he already had his first sponsors and knew what he wanted. He wanted to pursue professional snowboarding. Which lead to a run of 15 years of traveling the world and experiencing some of the most beautiful places and experiences.

One little act of kindness from this man created an entire future for Adam. This is the mission of Carving The Future, to empower young athletes with opportunity to snowboard and skateboard, wherever that may lead them.

You can also read more about our beginnings in Issue 14 of the Jackson Hole Snowboarder magazine by 

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