About Carving The Future

Our Mission Is To Empower Youth Through Snowboarding & Skateboarding

Snowboarding is more than just a way to get from the top of a mountain to the bottom. It is a lifestyle, a community and a culture. This culture is dissipating in the Jackson Hole area. For many, snowboarding is even a spiritual experience. To be at the top of the mountain, in the elements, with nothing but belief in yourself and the courage to get down is no less than sublime and euphoric. With every turn you get to choose, live big, or live small, overcome fears, or play it safe. When you’re strapped in, all other problems of life seem to melt away.  Whether a kid wants to ride the chairlift to hit some groomers and terrain parks, or fill their backpack with some safety gear and go for a hike to the fresh powder, both aspects encompass the beauty of the ride. A beauty that we feel everyone should have the opportunity to experience.We live in one of the most incredible locations in the world. However, there is a stark dichotomy, seperating extremes of well-being. Our winters are long and challenging. Snowboarding is expensive. So is living by the bare minimum. Yet, being in the moutains is such an integral part of our community.

There are many children who are stuck inside during our arduous winters simply because they do not have access to a positive outlet like snowboarding. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to foster a deeper connection to themselves and the community by developing an appreciation for the mountains that will last a lifetime

We also strive to re-establish a long lost culture within the local skateboard community by enhancing our current local parks, adding additional parks, and ensuring skateboarders have a positive culture to be a part of.


The founder of Carving the Future, Adam Dowell, knows all too well how a little help can go a long way. When Adam was in the 4th grade his true passion was unclear and was an enthusiast of all sports. Being the youngest child of 4 kids, his parents felt the burden of how expensive it is when all the children are involved in sports.

One day, an older gentleman came into Adam’s mom’s barbershop to get his hair cut. This man did not live in Jackson year round. He was a wealthy traveler who frequented the Tetons every year, and made sure to always get his hair cut from Adam’s mom, Terrie. This one day in particular, the man found himself looking around at all of the family photos that Terrie had in her shop. This prompted the man to ask “Do all of your children snowboard?”. To which Terrie replied “No, all except my son, Adam.” “Does he not enjoy snowboarding like your other children?” Asked the man.  “No, I’m sure he would enjoy it, however between all the different kids activities and Adam already having skis, we just can’t afford more gear right now.” replied Terrie. Without hesitation, the man took out his checkbook and wrote Terrie a check for $500 and said “Here, go buy your son a snowboard”. 

Little did this man know that this would change the entire course of Adam’s life. By the time Adam reached 9th grade he already had his first sponsors and knew what he wanted. He wanted to pursue professional snowboarding. Which lead to a run of 15 years of traveling the world and experiencing some of the most beautiful places and experiences.

One little act of kindness from this man created an entire future for Adam. This is the mission of Carving The Future, to empower young athletes with opportunity to snowboard, wherever that may lead them.

You can also read more about our beginnings in Issue 14 of the Jackson Hole Snowboarder magazine by clicking here

How We Make a Difference

Provide Gear For The Youth

  • Snowboards & Skateboards
  • Snowboard Boots & Bindings
  • New Helmets
  • Gloves, Goggles, Accessories
  • Quarterpipes and funboxes 


  • Lift Tickets
  • Connecting Youth With Instructors
  • Creating Programs & Camps

Financial Assistance

  • Sponsor students to join the Coombs Outdoors Program
  • Give scholarships to participate in the JHSC Freerice Program
  • Scholarships to fund athletes in competitions and other programs