Upcoming Events

We are still planning our upcoming events for the winter of 20/21. Given the uncertainty of COVID-19 we are exploring how we can still have the biggest impact possible and still keep our community safe.

What Have We Been Up To?

  •  Our organization sponsored 10 kids with passes, instructors, and rental gear into the Coombs Outdoor snowboard program. We are big supporters of what their company has done with the local youth, and how we at CTF can lock arms for their snowboarding branch.
  • We also donated boards and other gear to several kids who were left empty handed and wouldn't have been able to hit the mountain if it weren't for our efforts.
  • Recently, we've also donated a lot of time to helping Coombs and their efforts with bringing Native Arapaho kids to Jackson to go snowboarding and skiing. (on that note, we are in need of some volunteers for projects like this, please email info@carvingthefuture.com if you would to be added to our volunteer list)
  • Our "Pizza For A Purpose" Night at Handfire Pizza was a huge success and we are very grateful for all of you that came out to support!
  • National Go Skateboarding Day was an incredibly fun event. Lots of lucky kids went home with brand new skateboards, and two super lucky winners brought home a custom build funbox and quarterpipe!

We are currently putting together the rest of our calendar of events for 2020
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