At CTF we are constantly striving to provide new and innovative ways to introduce kids to snowboarding and skateboarding.

Whether it’s our “learn to skate” virtual events with Shejumps, our in-person skate clinics with GAP (girls actively participating) and Latina Leadership, or our “switch days” with Coombs Outdoors where their skiers get the chance to snowboard.

We also understand it’s important to have staple programs every year we can grow, and kids can evolve through as their skills develop.


Carve Crew

Carve Crew with Coombs, Stage 1: This program is specifically designed for those who are brand new. Whether they’ve never stepped on a snowboard before in their life, or only have once or twice. Carving The Future will provide these kids with gear, passes, and lessons through Snow King Mountain Resort or Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This program is executed via a strategic partnership with our good friends and Coombs Outdoors. Once these kids have gotten their feet under them and feel comfortable on their boards, they will evolved into Coombs Powder Pals program.

Carve Crew Stage 2: This program is designed for kids grades 6-12 to give the youth their first shred crew. A collective of riders who are now ready to start linking turns, riding the chairlifts, getting on a little bit steeper runs, and potential even learning their first tricks! We believe a massive part of snowboarding is the culture and community you’re a part of. Carve Crew Stage 2 will provide these kids lifetime bonds with their fellow riders, snowboarding, and the mountains.

Freeride Team Sponsorship

Every year we actively reach out to the Jackson Hole Freeride program and see if they have any kids that need help joining their program. With the income-gap extremes of Jackson Hole, many kid’s are skilled and are perfect for the team, but cannot afford the financial commitment. That’s where we step in. In the winters of 2020/2122/ we’ve been able to help Marvin Martell. Watch this video to hear his story!

The Wind River Shredders

Working closely with our friends at Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, we provide the opportunity for the youth to snowboard in Jackson Hole. Many of these kids have never seen the mountains and without our support would never get to experience the joys of carving turns on snow.

Although we’re based in Teton County, Wyoming, we believe our close neighbors to the east deserve equal opportunity to learn a new passion that will dramatically improve their quality of life.


Learn-To-Skate Clinics

Carving The Future partners with other organizations striving to empower the youth like SheJumps and JH Latina Leadership to host Skateboarding Clinics.

These clinics are a great way for us to partner with already established organizations and introduce their kids to something new. For our in-person skate clinics, we will make sure the kids get to take their skateboard home if they don’t already own one.

Click here to see our current summer 2022 skate clinic schedule