Board Members

Board Members

Talia Atkins: Executive Director

Talia Atkins was born in Jackson, WY. She began snowboarding as a teenager and progressed quickly with the JHSC Freeride Team. She could be found hucking front flips off the Smith Limo in a yellow one-piece referred to as the “Wicked Banana.” After breaking her back in an accident, she was back on a board the following year, with a camera in her hands. Her passion for photography kicked off a six year journey around the world, all starting with a press pass to photograph the New Zealand Burton Open at 16 years old.

Despite her philanthropic and nomadic 20’s, she returned to her hometown in 2014, to coach for the JHSC Freeride Team. Talia worked with youth of all ages, teaching English, music, art, yoga, gymnastics, big-air, snowboarding and leading therapeutic wilderness trips for teens. She aims to alleviate the mental health crisis in Teton County, and spread more awareness about the positive benefits of neighborhood cohesion and connection. 

Q: Why do you feel it’s important to introduce people to the sport of snowboarding?

A: I think it is important to introduce people to snowboarding because it gives us a sense of belonging. Snowboarding promotes connection to the mountains, to our community and helps us contribute to something bigger than ourselves. 

Jackson Hole has a strong board sport culture. Snowboarding is ideal for children who are not engaged in team sports or extracurricular activities. Snowboarding and skateboarding teaches kids how to handle challenges, promote their self efficiency and internalize positive values.

Q: Why are you a part of Carving The Future?

A: Snowboarding saved my life. Growing up, I won a scholarship with the Jackson Hole Ski Club, which gave me the opportunity to snowboard. I progressed very quickly on the team and my connection to the sport and snowboard industry gave me opportunities to travel, photograph and pursue my passions. In turn, snowboarding gave me a positive outlet away from an adverse childhood growing up in Jackson. With the help of precious members in this community, I had mentors and access to a sport that changed my life in the most positive way. I’m here to pay it forward.

Adam Dowell: Assistant Director/Founder

Adam Dowell was born and raised in Jackson Wyoming. Growing up he played all sports but loved the independence of skating and snowboarding and that’s where he felt his passion. After about 15 years pursuing it as a profession he decided to step away and focus his efforts on his family, work, and starting Carving The Future. Today he’s married with two young boys he hopes to raise as little rippers!

Q: Why do you think it is important to introduce people to the sport of snowboarding?

A: First of all, I don’t think there is anything more fun than snowboarding. Secondly, If you look at a sport like snowboarding and the people who pursue riding a lot, you can see that it’s a deep part of them. It’s an addiction that gives them a high quality of life. I believe everyone should have access to that.

Q: Why are you a part of carving the future?

A: Well, I started it, and my story is an interesting one, you can read all about it on this website “ABOUT” section.

Jack Watsabaugh: Board Chair

Jack Watsabaugh was lucky enough to be born exactly where he was meant to be, Jackson Hole. Jack comes from a long line of mountain men and skiers and is the first and only snowboarder in his family. After many years of splitting time between the mountain and the hockey rink, Jack found that his true passion was snowboarding. There is nothing Jack loves more than spending time in the mountains and being inspired by his friends, students, and mentors.