Riverton Happy Days Skate Comp

Words by Jack Watsabaugh
Photos by Natalie Lynn

Carving The Future recently had the honor of teaming up with Matt Wright and several local sponsors to throw a skate competition in Riverton, Wyoming. Watching skaters shred this incredibly gnarly park at such a high level made it clear that these kids are FEARLESS. There was nothing low-key or chill about this contest which occurred in 100 degree heat. Every contestant brought their own fire and style to the park that day. Huge airs, technical rails, and contagious stoke were the theme of the event. 

Contest prizes donated by local sponsors spurred skaters on through the heat of the afternoon. After an exciting round of group heats, competitors had an opportunity to shine through individual sessions. The crowd watched on as every skater pushed, pumped, carved, and shredded their way around the park showcasing their particular styles and skill sets. Judges looked on with intensity as they each monitored 1 of the 5 designated zones in the park. 

The backdrop to this event? A soundtrack provided by local kids running the PA, a fired up crowd inspired by the intense bravery of the athletes, some water gun shenanigans, and every competitor desperately seeking shade between heats. It takes a lot of guts to put it all out there on the concrete especially with a multitude of onlookers while battling the intense heat of high desert Wyoming. The one constant and enduring presence of the competition was contest organizer/emcee, CTF collaborator and virtuosic encourager Matt Wright on the microphone. 

Congratulations to those who landed on the podium, and also to every skater with the gumption to throw it down out there! We here at Carving The Future can’t wait to see what goes down next time! 

Contest results: 

12 and under division:

1st- O’shea Dodge 

2nd- Alijah Lujan

3rd- Rylee Ryan

13-17 age division: 

1st- Wiliam Hanway

2nd- Michael Delahoz 

3rd- Reece Blackburn

18 and up division: 

1st- Everett Aguilar

2nd- Shaun Bolin 

3rd- Danyl Marcus

Special thanks to the event judges: Kayson Jones, Saul Luna, Mat Warner, Robert Dodroll, and Bobo Broncho 

Event Sponsors: 

Carving The Future, Benchmark Dental, Riverton Kiwanis, Erin Ivie, Natasha Hatfield-Peck, High Mountain Seasoning, Last Stand Skates