Wind River Shredders & Natural Selection

by Matt Wright

Over the last two years Carving the Future has been supporting our Wind River area skate/snowboarding scene in many ways. Notably, in February 2022, during the week of the Natural Selection competition, it was my honor and privilege to travel to Jackson with 8 youth skateboarders and snowboarders. I selected youth who I felt were athletically driven, mature enough to travel, grateful for the opportunity, and all around uplifting to ride with. 

We were invited to the Natural Selection opening ceremony and given the opportunity to meet world class professional snowboarders. All of the kids were set up with the gear needed to snowboard safely and comfortably. We spent a day at JHMR snowboarding with excellent mentors with Carving the Future. They taught them valuable lessons and helped keep the energy positive.

CTF set up skateboarding ramps indoors for us to skate, which meant the world to the kids during the Winter when they can rarely skate. We had a blast at Axis Gymnastics. The kids were natural athletes on the trampoline, foam pit, and parkour area. Thanks to CTF we ate well, slept well, stayed busy, laughed a lot, and came away with amazing memories. We could not have done this trip otherwise.