National Go Skate Day 2019

After months and months of working with a lawyer, getting our board together, and planning some awesome events, we finally got our 501(c)(3) status in February 2019. 

If you’ve ever tried, or had a friend that’s tried to start a nonprofit, the IRS makes it super fun to jump through all their loopholes! But, a worthy mission is always worth the challenge.

As sort of a Celebration, we had planned to host our first on-snow event in Spring of 2019, but unfortunately couldn’t get the resorts to work with us in time to make it happen.

Therefore, National Go Skateboarding Day was our first official event as a newly formed official non profit, and honestly we wouldn’t have it any other way! It turned out amazing!

Snow In June

In true Jackson Hole style, on June 21st, when most of the country is cranking the Air Conditioning and sun tanning, we got snow! 

Yep, Go Skate Day 2019 got snowed on. It was hilarious in the most ironic way. And, like any smart Jackson-hole-ians we planned ahead and brought a whole bunch of tarps.

Luckily it only snowed briefly and the park dried off super quick once it stopped. Plus it was a perfect opportunity for the younger kids to paint their own trucker hats! Thank you to Mariah for donating your time and the hats to the kids! They loved it!

A Perfect Event

Minus the snow, it truly was a perfect event. We had some awesome kids show up early for our “learn to skate” time. We provided skateboards and pads to those who didn’t have any. 

Huge shoutout to Cody Hansen who gave us a big duffle bag of pads and skateboards. Support like his is what community is all about.