Our First Fundraiser- A Love Story

The feeling in the air the morning of our event was akin to what you would expect at a much larger ski swap, people lined up at the door and asking to shop before we were even done setting up.

Like most things, you always hope for the best and plan for the worst to manage expectations ahead of time. The great thing about this first event, was that we’ve done nothing like it before to compare the outcome to, therefor there could be zero disappointment if it totally flopped!

Doing it for the kids!

The real reason we didn’t know what to expect, was simply this was NOT your average sale. We had boxes upon boxes of brand new gear in almost every size. So, like a retail shop those things typically cost significantly more.

Yet, because this wasn’t  in a retail setting, and we were also selling used gear, the outcome could  have been just like a yard sale where you price something at $5 and people bargain you down to a quarter. We didn’t know!

To our utter surprise and delight, the crowd we had didn’t bargain at all! The majority of the gear, even the brand new stuff, was marked down in cost so people already knew they were getting a deal. AND, we believe people are excited to support our cause so they knew they weren’t just buying winter gear, they were happy to be supporting something bigger than themselves.

We believe that for most people in action sports, there is such a joy that comes with it, that they think it’s cool to share that joy with others whom may otherwise would never know it.

It started by wranglin’ cats

Back track about two months when our founder, Adam Dowell, decided to put on this event and set the date, it was time to put all the pieces together.

To get local professional athletes to dig through their snowboard gear in the middle of summer, when most of them are traveling a lot is no easy task. After lots of voicemails, texts, phone tag, and emails, a few riders were excited to help make this event happen. The first being Cam Fitzpatrick whom had hosted a similar event in the past to sell some of his gear.

But, what really made this real and lit a fire under Adam’s butt was when Travis Rice showed up to Adam’s house at 9:30pm at night with two giant totes of apparel, 9 sets of bindings, and 3 brand new snowboards. Now it was time to stop talkin the talk and start walkin the walk.

Travis is arguably the best, and busiest, professional snowboarder on the planet, but he’s extremely humble and is always down to support a worthy project.

It was for sure like wranglin’ cats to get everyone’s gear, haha, but we cannot thank them all enough for their contribution.

The event was perfect

When you set a goal with worthy intentions, make a detailed plan and timeline, put in place the correct strategy and actions to make it happen, everything works out exactly how it’s supposed to.Hindsight is 20/20 and you can always see how things lined up perfectly.

The event was amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. The room was packed, Cam was workin’ the floor and giving the Pro tips on gear for people, and Adam and his Father were working the checkout and selling raffle tickets. We had a steady stream of people for a solid 6 hours of the sale.

In the end Carving The Future raised it’s first $3,000 to get the project off the ground! Again, we couldn’t have asked or expected a better outcome, it was perfect.

Raffle Winners

We want to thank you

First and foremost we would like to thank everyonee that showed up and bought some gear or bought some raffle tickets. An event like this is nothing without supporters.

Next, we’d like to thank Francine Bartlett and Medicine Wheel Wellness for donating their gym space for us to host the event. Please check them out, they provide literally every aspect of well-being that someone could ask for at their facility. Their website is www.mwwjh.com.

Our event contributors: Travis Rice, Blake Paul, Mark Carter, Bryan Iguchi, Cam Fitzpatrick, Mark Loebe. Michael Massie and AION.

Lastly a very special thank you to Rick Dowell, Adam’s Father whom helped work the event while he was visiting.

What’s Next

We will for sure host another event like this one next year. But our goal is to host at least 4 events per year, 2 of which being on-snow events like rail jams or slopestyle contests.

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